New years

Create a Wildlife Tree from Your Christmas Tree

It’s over.

Most people in the country are doing one of four things right now.
① Breathing a sigh of relief.
② Wondering where December went.
③ Feeling a bit nostalgic and determined to keep the spirit of the season going.
④ Grinning at the fact tha – source


How to choose the right fertilizer for all your growing needs

Most anyone that grows any plant knows it needs certain nutrients in order to thrive. The challenge if often knowing what type of fertilizer to give what plant and when.
One of the most important things you can do in understanding what your plants ne – source



Oh hey December?! Where the heck did you come from? Seriously – Just like that, the fall leaves (wink wink, I live in Southern Kentucky ) are gone, the air turns to a cool wintery crisp (again, big ‘ole wink – it’s 36 degrees here today), and Will F – source


End of season wrap up: My favorite plants of 2017

Now that the garden has gently shifted into architecture and mush, it’s time to reflect on the plants we grew this season and decide whether we’ll continue to grow them for seasons to come.
Whether sexy new introductions or old favorites, plants ex – source