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I’m Not Starting Seeds This Year. Here’s Why.

I’ve got better priorities.
Granted, this is a pretty gutsy thing to say as a garden columnist, but before you revoke my license, let me tell you exactly why I think it’s critical to share this with you.

I try very hard to live what I write. That – source


2018 New Year’s Day–My Annual I’m Gonnas

Each year, I like to write about my hopes for the new garden year. It surprised me to learn this was my ninth year writing this post!
Remember last year when I was looking for a change? No? Here’s a refresher–after three books in the previous seven y – source


Gear Closet: Under Armour Fat Tire Govie SE Winter Boots

If you live in the eastern half of the U.S., chance are you know that winter has arrived with a vengeance. Cold conditions have struck the country and the so-called “bomb cyclone” has dropped plenty of snow and ice on the New England states, bringing – source

New years

Create a Wildlife Tree from Your Christmas Tree

It’s over.

Most people in the country are doing one of four things right now.
① Breathing a sigh of relief.
② Wondering where December went.
③ Feeling a bit nostalgic and determined to keep the spirit of the season going.
④ Grinning at the fact tha – source


How to choose the right fertilizer for all your growing needs

Most anyone that grows any plant knows it needs certain nutrients in order to thrive. The challenge if often knowing what type of fertilizer to give what plant and when.
One of the most important things you can do in understanding what your plants ne – source


Of Gifts and Guilt: Five Rules for Plant Giving

‘Tis the season for giving, and once this season ‘tis over, another one ‘tis right around the corner. So this morning it occurs to me to discuss for a minute the perfect pairing of plants and gift giving.
Is it actually perfect?

Before you answer – source


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Five Things Friday

The five little things that made my week…
1. If you’re a canner, you know that little pop! of your lids sealing after coming out of their boiling water bath is music to the ears, amiright?!
It’s been insanely hot and humid this week in Southern Cali – source