Sprouts! A Winter Garden in Your Kitchen

Many activities we perform in this life (and which others might never consider) are undertaken simply because we saw them modeled for us as children or young adults.
Exposure to these skills helped us understand that they were far from magical, and t – source


Just Starting to Plan? My Top Five Tips for Beginner Gardeners.

This week, five tips for beginner gardenersjust starting to plan their spring gardens.

Tip #1. Keep it small

Whatever else I try to do in this column, my overriding goal is to encourage more life-long gardeners, and nothing makes a person feel more – source

new year

December Garden Inspiration

First appeared in Fine Gardening.

When I decided on a winter walk, it was at the point in the evening when dinner was done and sleep was still a ways away. I topdressed with a goofy hat, gloves, and scarf for a journey down the garden path.
The eve – source

New years

Create a Wildlife Tree from Your Christmas Tree

It’s over.

Most people in the country are doing one of four things right now.
① Breathing a sigh of relief.
② Wondering where December went.
③ Feeling a bit nostalgic and determined to keep the spirit of the season going.
④ Grinning at the fact tha – source


How to choose the right fertilizer for all your growing needs

Most anyone that grows any plant knows it needs certain nutrients in order to thrive. The challenge if often knowing what type of fertilizer to give what plant and when.
One of the most important things you can do in understanding what your plants ne – source