Different Types of Post Hole Diggers

A post hole digger is very important when you are building a structure such as a fence or a deck. Although you can manually dig a hole where you wish to place a post, it may take you too long to finish. There are many different types, shapes and sizes of diggers to can choose from. They come in varying price ranges too. Hence it is important to select the best one that will meet your preferences and requirements if you are planning to own one. Discussed below are the different post hole diggers that you can opt for:

Hand held or manual digger

It has a shovel-like blade with hinges and with two handles attached to the steel. You can press the handles together and the blades will be put on the ground. The dirt will be removed when you pull the handles apart. The blades are usually made of steel and you would need to maintain its sharpness so that it can dig effectively. It is painted so that it should not be easily prone to rusting. Ideally it should weigh less so that the user will not have difficulty in controlling it.

Heavy duty post hole digger

If you want to have a long-lasting post hole digger, then you should choose the heavy-duty ones. This digger has a strong blade for effective digging. Its handle is made of fiberglass. Some handles are also made of wood. When choosing the best one, you should make sure that the handles are strong and useful. The blades of these diggers are usually big which really works well.

All metal post hole digger.

They are more durable than the heavy-duty post hole diggers. They are quite similar to the traditional post hole diggers.

Boston Digger.

If you want to dig holes in a ground having stones, then this is the perfect choice. It has lots of moving parts once it is operated. Usually, it is driven down into the ground and the soil is pulled up to make a hole.

These are just some of the types of mini diggers that are available in the market. You should do some research on the best digger that meets all your requirements. It should also fit your budget. If you are not keen on doing this kind of work, then you must consider hiring a professional to come in and do this work for you. You then don’t need to worry about buying such equipment.