6 Must Have Gardening Tools

With so many tools on the market these days, you may be wondering which ones you should buy: spade, garden hoe, pitchfork, garden fork, garden rake and plows and so many more. All of these implements claim to make our gardening efforts less taxing, and indeed, they’ll make our gardening a lot easier. If you look at the basics, you don’t need spend much more than one hundred dollars to get you started in your gardening project. Furthermore, depending on where you buy them, it may be a lot less. Here are 6 of the most basic gardening tools you’ll need to start a gardening project:

  1. Spading fork – This is needed for digging and breaking that compact soil. This tool has a shorter handle to make it easier for you to dig in and break the soil. It has four square tines and a foot rest where you can apply your weight when breaking a highly compact soil, the best material for this tool is cast stainless steel head and a fiber glass or a wooden handle.
  2. Hoe – This is needed for cultivating and weeding the soil surface. It comes in different designs: there are those that have a stirrup action and those that are designed thinly for cramped spaces. Depending on your garden you may decide which will serve you better. Consider your planting density when making your choice.
  3. Watering can – This is needed for the water requirement of your garden. The longer the nozzle the more control you have with its flow rate. It is best to choose those with a detachable head, good for watering even seedling.
  4. Shovel – Choose the square headed shovel with short handle for larger digging projects such as shrubs and trees. This is also perfect for digging plant holes, edging the garden beds, removing weeds and transferring small amounts of earth. Choose the one with a steel head and a foot rest that is right for you.
  5. Rake – This is good for raking fallen leaves and for cleaning and leveling your garden beds. This is perfect for removing stones or lumps of soil on your plots. Choose between plastic, metal or bamboo rakes depending on your requirement. They are all sturdy, but bamboo rakes are perfect if you want to clean without harming your seedlings.
  6. Garden sheers – Choose one that fits your hand comfortably. This is good for cutting dead leaves, and unwanted branches. You may also use it for pruning and shaping your ornamental plants. Garden sheers may also be used when harvesting your fruits and vegetables.

These six gardening tools will be enough to get you started in your gardening project. Learn the proper ways of handling each tool, particularly the hoe, the spades, and the sheers before you start your project. You may think that using it is common sense, but using it the proper way means lesser chances of accidents. It is better to be safe than sorry. After some practice with your tools, you are now ready for your garden project.